Unmistakable class

Well-being and health derive from a correct diet rich in all the necessary nutrients. The lengthening of ones average life requires specific dietary care, which must be balanced and free of deficiencies.

At the same time, however, frenetic rhythms and modern lifestyles do not always allow us to follow an adequate and varied diet. For this reason it is necessary to make up for these deficiencies with specific nutritional products.

Variati has been among the pioneers in the nutraceutical field in recent years, offering food supplements and enriched foods, and a wide range of natural active principles. Among these are milk ferments, fibres, prebiotics, plant extracts, omega 3, mineral salts, vegetable proteins, concentrated fruit juices, powdered fruit and vegetables, aloe vera, enzymes, nucleotides, natural sugars and actives for the joint system.

Through the careful selection of ingredients producers are able to provide the highest quality guarantees in, hygiene, safety and product traceability. Moreover, Variati makes it a priority to demonstrate the effectiveness of the active principles it offers through the support of clinical studies.

Omega 3 to maintain good health


The link between food and health is well known from ancient civilizations, Often, however, it is not possible to absorb the necessary amount of nutrients with food alone. This is the case with Omega3, which is mainly contained in fish and whose properties are known to protect against many diseases, such as cardiovascular ones.

Variati offers a wide choice of these fatty acids, of animal or vegetable origin, which are  useful for the wellbeing of our body.

Elements functional for life

The ever more frequent habit of using antibiotics has made it necessary and common place to consume probiotic and prebiotic fibres to rebalance intestinal dysbiosis.

Recent findings on the intestinal ecosystem suggest that for the well-being of our organism it is necessary to take prebiotic fibres and lactic ferments in order to compensate for the imbalance of the bacterial flora and to induce immune responses at a local level and throughout the whole body.

Variati is able to supply a wide range of these prebiotic and probiotic products, and also, to  provide mixtures of lactic ferments and prebiotic fibres on request.

Red fruits and berries, a new tradition

Man has always been treated with herbs and natural extracts, today it is possible to add more specific, safer and richer plant extracts and nutrients and standardized substances.

Among these, the world of polyphenols and anthocyanins is rapidly evolving, these actives are increasingly becoming the subject of studies that demonstrate their effectiveness in specific applications: from anti-inflammatory to antioxidant and from anti-aging to prebiotic areas.

Variati offers numerous solutions and extracts derived from red fruits and berries and all are supported by scientific documentation from the neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, gynecological, gastrointestinal and metabolic syndrome areas.


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