A dynamic, innovative and long established supplier of Actives for the Cosmetic and Nutraceutical industries.

Variati is synonymous with Valuable ingredients.

Variati is a leading and accredited supplier of raw materials for the Italian market and abroad, which operates in the cosmetic and nutritional supplement sectors. The company offers its customers a complete service, including the careful selection of the finest ingredients from the most prestigious global brands, an efficient technical service and regulatory advice as required.

Today Variati S.p.a. is considered to be a consolidated reality with over 90 years of experience and tradition, and an ongoing  focus on research and innovation.

Founded by Giuseppe Variati in 1926, the company became a leader in the supply of essential oils and natural ingredients for the emerging and fast growing Italian cosmetics industry.

Since 2003 the company also entered into the field of nutritional supplements with a wide range of valuable functional ingredients.

Variati’s extensive and in depth knowledge of the Italian market, make it the preferred national partner, for the most prestigious ingredient manufactures in the world. Additionally, Variati S.p.a has a solid capital structure, scrupulous quality control, it continuously invests in equipment and the training of its staff and it reacts quickly to stay abreast of market changes and the challenges it brings.


Variati’s vision focuses on providing winning, tailor made solutions for its business partners, based on an extensive experience and in depth knowledge of the cosmetic and nutraceutical sectors.


Further and of equal importance, according to the company philosophy is the meticulous attention and accuracy given to quality control, service reliability and technical assistance.

Variati aims to support its customers in all facets of the business and to this end a dedicated regulatory office is available.  to assist clients in the interpretation and understanding of specific product regulations  and to keep them abreast of the documentation required by current laws.

Industry platform


For Variati, research and innovation have always been intrinsically linked with safety.

Each product supplied by the Company is subjected to rigorous control procedures which ensure full compliance with all legal requirements, and full respect for all peoples and the environment.

The company is associated with Federchimica, EFfCI and Assointegratori.