Unmistakable class

The Variati beauty style rests heavily on innovation and research however its origins are firmly steeped in a solid tradition.

Cosmetics and body care are essential elements for every consumer, including men and young adults. The beauty sector has become very wide-ranging and requires cutting-edge and competitive products, which are able to combine efficacy, safety and sustainability.

As a leading  supplier of active and functional ingredients for the cosmetic industry, Variati can boast of an unparalleled experience, deriving from over 90 years of activity. Its strong brand name and identity are a guarantee of its credibility and seriousness. Coupled with this is the added value of “made in Italy”, internationally recognized as being synonymous with creativity and craftsmanship.

The Company sells a wide product range from some of the most prestigious global companies, exclusively in the Italian market. To strengthen and complement this offering, “Variati Specialties” have been added to the range and include an original range of antibacterial, emollient, moisturizing and hydrolysed proteins.


All ingredients have a high functional value and are derived from either sustainable and renewable plant sources such as Avocado, Grain, Rice and Mangosteen or from products recovered from the silk and wool industry. These include antibacterial, moisturizing, emollient and protein hydrolysate actives which are highly sought by todays Cosmetic Companies.

A high level of safety and efficacy is common to all Variati products and they are able to interact with skin tissues to stimulate their natural protective and regenerative properties.


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